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The Left Feeds Back

Don't let it happen again

Feedback Australia
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This community was started from a desire to do something positive following the Australian federal election on 10 October, 2004, when the Coalition won a fourth term and won control of the Senate.

Be aware that this community is for those who vote on the left of politics.

At least once a month, for the term of this government, we will write, on paper sent in an envelope with a stamp, to someone significant in federal politics about a policy, direction or issue that affects us as voters from the left.

Our mission:
    - to give feedback to the politicians, media and opinion makers in Australian society
    - to strengthen the power of the voice of the left
    - to vote the coalition out, or move them to the left with our feedback

One letter per month for the term of this government.

Make a difference.

We can if we do it together.

By joining this community, you commit to writing at least one letter per month to your federal member or senators, national parties, media or opinion makers.

You commit to posting a copy of your letter here, and sharing the ideas (and the content, if you consent) with other members of this community.