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Not cool enough to have a witty name here.


Hi, I'm Jess. I've been a leftie for most of my life except when I went through this conservative thing when I was a teenager, and while the results from the election didn't surprise me (well, except for that Family First creep getting in) I'm furious, and I think it's time we did something about this. Or a lot of somethings.

Like my Mum said, "What else does Howard have to do to make people realise he's a liar?"

I plan to write letters. Lots of them. This year I've started getting a bit more into giving feedback- I gave mucho feedback to Sunrise after they televised a rather one-sided debate, I complained to the Advertising Standards Bureau about the RTL billboard that's gone up, and I'm on the lookout for sending kudos to people who do rock, as well.

As someone said on my LJ, so much of this seems to be a media problem as well- sylvertongue and I were talking about it, too- and part of the problem with the media is that no one thinks to question it. Hell, I have family members who'll watch Today Tonight as though it's unbiased commentary. Yet... who controls the media? I'm even cynical about Rove's promotion of Latham, to tell the truth... I mean, who owns Channel Ten...?

I'm seriously pleased that we've got something happening with this. :) (Thanks, snapetoy!) There's enough of us. We're angry. We might as well harness it and do something with that. And letter writing... hell... you don't need to be a voter to be able to write a letter...

*high fives everyone*
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