Not cool enough to have a witty name here. (jessindistress) wrote in au_feeds_back,
Not cool enough to have a witty name here.

Ken and Mannie rock.

Well... those of you who know me from LJ will see that I've flipped about Family First and have decided to do something to counteract all their lies, homophobia and bullshit. And their use of the word "family." (My family is NOT a bunch of people who wallow in heterosexual pride and encourage denying everyone else basic rights...)

Anyway, while looking for information on gay/lesbian youth suicide (which is higher than for straight young people- but I was after figures), I came across this site, by a couple of activists, Ken and Mannie. It's great because it offers some wonderful arguments and inspiration, plus it gives examples of correspondence they've had with various people/papers about same-sex marriage rights.

It's PACKED with activism, and I haven't even started to look at the bulk of it, but I thought it was a relevant link to mention.

Here it is again:
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