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Intro post

Hi, I'm Katisha, and I'm a leftie.

Or let's put it in terms of what I want from a government:

I want a strong, viable public transport system.
I want refugees to be welcome here.
I want us to be decent to the traditional custodians of this country.
I want our collective noses out of George W. Bush's rectum.
I want free, good health care for everyone, and as much of it as they need.
I want free, excellent education for everyone, and as much of it as they want.
I want to live in a democracy.
I want our energy use to be sustainable.
I want the planet to be habitable for humans and animals a hundred years from now.
I want animals to be treated with decency. This isn't ridiculous and doesn't mean giving pigs the vote, but it does entail not putting chickens in mediaeval torture devices and feeding them drugs.
I want equality for people of all religions, abilities, genders, sexualities, races and cultural groups; and freedom from discrimination and persecution.
I want us to be friendly to other countries except when they're tyranising other other countries.
I want us to help the poor, here and overseas.
I want people to be taxed in proportion to their income, by which I mean that I think the richer people should pay proportionally *more*, not less.
I want us to pick freedom over security, when we have to make the choice; because I think we're more likely to attain the former than the latter, and seriously statistically less likely to hurt ourselves trying.
I want us to stop punishing people for needing help. This applies to refugees, to the disabled, and especially to anyone on any sort of government assistance programme.
I want prisons in public hands, not private.
I want other public utilities in public hands, not private, too, because I don't like being held hostage, but prisons are a special, scary case.
I want more focus on what parents and families do, and less on what configuration they form.
I want freedom of speech.

That's 20 'I wants', and I can think of more, and none of them sound too unreasonable to me.

I also want the courage to change what I can, the serenity to endure what I can't, and the wisdom to know the difference.

At least for my first few months at letter-writing, I think I'll start with "Let's try not to commit attrocities, hey?" and work on from there.
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